Our vision

  • We are technological leaders, active at the heart of Open Source communities in specific fields, and we aim for excellence in these areas by relying on a very high level team.
  • We provide and integrate these technologies pragmatically with our customers – our expertise contributes to their development.
  • We base our success on the skills and contributions of our teams – we value them both with our customers and the Open Source communities.

Our everyday values


At Camptocamp we are constantly progressing in a dynamic of partnership and the creation of trust. This ethic of respect – for our customers, our employees and the Open Source communities – is fundamental to our DNA.


We are proud to be supported by top-level employees who strive for excellence and who work to make Camptocamp a leader in the world of Open Source.


Not having to reinvent the wheel is what drives us on a daily basis.


At Camptocamp, we are committed to listening and seizing opportunities that collectively allow us to develop the business of the future.

This listening ability, combined with an ability to challenge and reposition ourselves, has enabled us to map out our progress.

Our work culture

We offer our employees a working environment that allows them to be meaningful and challenging by inspiring and pushing Open Source solutions even further.

By nature, we operate in a participatory mode – not unexpectedly the hierarchy is as flat as possible! We strive to develop a learning culture where our leaders are also committed to sharing their experience and vision of entrepreneurship.

Our employees work and invest in the international Open Source communities. Their motivation? Peer-review validation and the opportunity to develop a solid network, a concrete way to boost your employability and career!

Camptocamp is above all a team, which puts into practice listening, respect and conviviality every day!